Sugar Addiction is Real.

And Recovery is Easier than You Think.
Conquer Your Cravings, Lose Weight, Feel Great!

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  • How I kicked my sugar addiction after 20 years of trying everything. I mean everything!

  • How a technique used by alcoholics & addicts all over the world works magic for sugar addicts

  • How breaking free of sugar addiction is premised on one indescribably simple life changing insight

  • How recovery can happen very fast and will be permanent. No on-going meetings required, no will power. Nope. You learn a simply technique and your sugar bingeing days will be history.

  • How to create a sugar busting meal plan of YOUR own choice and follow it without feeling deprived

  • How your feelings, distress, stress, etc are not in the way of you kicking sugar

  • How kicking sugar will be the absolute best thing you have ever accomplished. Ever! It is amazing on the other side. Better than you can imagine.

  • How to restore your self confidence and self respect.

  • How to have breaking up with sugar feel like freedom instead of a lifetime of deprivation and more...

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  • Eliminating sugar / carb cravings

  • Relieving food obsession

  • Being completely in control around food

  • Creating & following a healthy meal plan

  • Eating sugar-free without feeling deprived

  • Skyrocketing energy and motivation

  • Losing weight

  • Improving your skin tone & complexion

  • Having more positive moods

  • Sleeping better

  • Improving focus and mental clarity

  • Decreasing depression, anxiety and irritability

  • Eliminating better (TMI, I know!)

Kicking sugar did all this for me. I can hardly wait to see what it does for you!!

Kicking Sugar For Good


We are told on a daily basis to eat less sugar, which is great advice. But for millions of sugar addicts this is easier said than done. In fact, it can feel downright impossible.


Many of us have tried every diet and exhausted ourselves fighting food cravings. We 'white knuckle' our way through a few weeks and then break down and do any number of the following: binge, starve, cry, purge, pray, beat ourselves up.

We have been to 12 step programs, to doctors. We hired personal trainers, spent thousands of dollars on  supplements, and joined weight loss programs. We even tried surgery. When we got diagnosed with a serious illness or gained weight and still ate processed foods, we threw our arms up and declared ourselves defective. Uggg!


Does this sound like you? If yes, there is good news. You are not alone. And I can help! 


The first step is to book yourself in for a free one on one consultation. From there will we figure out the best way to work together. Private one on one or my group coaching program. Either way, consider this the beginning of the end of your sugar bingeing days!

How I Work with Clients

It is super easy. You have the option of working with me privately (I have coaching packages) or you can join my online 12 Weeks to Sugar Freedom group coaching program. Both options teach you my signature Sugar Dragon TM Freedom Formula that will set you 100% free. After you are free of sugar (which happens quite quickly), we work together to create a meal plan of your own choice and how to follow it without ‘white-knuckling’ or feeling deprived. And we also learn advanced self-care techniques designed to help boost your feel-good neurotransmitters and thrive in your new sugar-free life!


The approach I teach is not abstinence one day at a time. It is 100% recovery. Lifetime freedom. It really is quite easy once you know how to recognize that there are two parts of you that are in a power struggle: The part that wants to kick sugar and the part that wants to keep eating it. Once you can separate yourself from the part of you that is addicted and learn how to shut it down, your freedom comes quickly. (PS I totally know how this sounds. Impossible! Ridiculous! I thought the same thing. But it is true. Kicking sugar with this Ninja mind trick is really quite easy. I will show you how!)

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