Group Coaching

Sugar Addiction/Community/Balance/Health & Body


Get ready to participate, have fun and feel energized! I will give you the tools and encouragement to kick sugar cravings FOR GOOD! Similar to the one on one coaching,  group coaching brings the conversation into a small group context. It is an intimate conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, accountability and how to get the results you want!


This 60-90 minute group consultation will be with ME. (Group sizes? can client select a group or is the group random? session lengths?)  In our session I will demonstrate what worked for me in terms of kicking my own sugar addiction. It is was one little thing that made all the difference. I first learned it from the book “Brain over Binge” and later from Jack Trimpey of “Rational Recovery”. Once I learned this trick kicking sugar became a forever, easy breezy, done deal.


Recovery (after decades of struggling) came to me in one blinding moment of insight. I will share this insight with you. After this insight, you won’t need on-going coaching, you won’t need to attend meetings for the rest of your life, or to fight cravings or power-struggle with your inner sugar junkie. One shift and boom, your free. Happy to share it with you. For real. Seriously! I know what you are thinking… it can’t be that easy. It can be. It was that easy for me. 100%.

I will work with you, to meet where you are at and give you the tools and encouragement to help you get you those breakthroughs you want. Break-free from sugar and take control of your diet, weight and cravings!

What I teach works and it’s simple to follow.

You will start to notice a substantial decrease in sugar cravings and a definite increase in energy!

You will receive life-changing information and support and I will educate and encourage you every step of the way!